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About Indonesia

Indonesia has an astonishing number of tropical islands, which means it’s easy to get off the beaten track to where active volcanoes loom, jungles dominate and pre-historic looking creatures roam free. Bali is a relaxed starting point to Indonesia: bicycle through bright-green paddy fields or dive off the black sand beaches in the north. For those wishing to see more, we can recommend the best options in Java, Lombok, Komodo Island, Sumba, Sulawesi and Raja Ampat.

Endlessly peaceful

Indonesia – the world’s largest archipelago – consists of thousands of sublime tropical islands. The islands are fringed by glorious beaches, making then perfect for those who love the outdoors.


Welcome to Paradise

Whether it is for their sand, sun, surf and amazing snorkeling, or merely for their serene ambience, the beaches on the enchanting islands of Indonesia never fail to offer something for everyone.