Babymoon Lombok

Travel Phenomenon – Babymoon

13 March 2019

Are you pregnant? Congrats! Have you already thought about your Babymoon? If you are raising your eyebrows right now, get acquainted with this new travel phenomenon quickly.

Baby care, baby shower, baby box, … Just when you thought you knew all the baby terminologies, you get the term ‘babymoon’ on your plate. The phenomenon comes from the U.S. and is derived from the English word ‘honeymoon’. It represents the journey that partners make before their child is born. The so-called ‘last’ holiday, without a baby.

Three reasons why you have to take a babymoon:
1. The Romance
Sleepless nights, dirty diapers and a body that no longer feels sexy. Let’s face it, those months after a birth are not immediately romantic. But an extensive dinner on the beach, while the sun slowly sets, during your babymoon? In a nutshell, it’s enough romance to get you through those months.

2. The Photos
Memories of that bulging belly are always fun and why not have that round belly photographed somewhere on a tropical beach? It’s also nice to tell your son or daughter later that he or she was already a world traveler.

3. The Luxury
The best reason of all: you deserve it. Certainly as the person who carries the child for nine months and must tolerate hormonal attacks and thick ankles, you should indulge yourself with some luxury me-time.

Babymoon tips
• The second trimester of pregnancy is the best moment for a babymoon. Most pregnant women then suffer less from discomfort yet are still mobile. Check with the airline to know how late (in weeks) they’ll take you as a passenger.
• Relax. This is not a time for adventure. When you are pregnant, you tire more easily and you shouldn’t take any risks. This is the moment to chill, not to climb rocks.
• Beware of the sun! Pregnant women should stay out of the sun and and smear themselves with a sunblock to avoid pregnancy mask (brown spots on the face).

No wonder babymoons are such a trend – sounds blissful, right?

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