Mount Agung

2 December 2017

Is it Safe to Travel to Lombok with the Volcano Erupting in Bali?
Volcanoes are unpredictable, but worrying too much wouldn’t get you anywhere — literally and figuratively. In mid-September, Agung, Bali’s sacred volcano, which has effectively been sleeping for the last half century, woke up. On 22 September, authorities raised its status to the highest alert level,and began evacuating tens of thousands of locals who lived within 7 to 12 kilometres of the volcano. After a period of calm, when the alert status returned to a lower level, Agung sprang into action on 21 November with a small eruption. On the evening of 25 November, a second, larger eruption ejected a significant ash cloud, causing some airlines to cancel flights as a precaution. On the morning of 26 November the ash cloud reached at least 6,000 metres (Agung is over 3,000 metres high), while the eruption – or continuous series of eruptions – was confirmed as magmatic. On 27 November, the airport closed. On 29 November, Bali airport reopened at 3pm, after the wind changed. Lombok Airport was closed for a few hours on Sunday 26th, as well as on Wednesday 29th of November.

Another Agung eruption does not necessarily mean airport closures. It will all dependent on whether Agung throws up ash, how much ash it throws up, how high that ash rises, and what direction the wind is blowing. As per today, 2nd of December, both, Denpasar and Lombok airport, are open.

Agung will have a large eruption? Nobody knows. Will there be an ashfall where you are in Bali while you’re there? Probably not. Does the eruption mean it’s no longer safe to travel to Bali? No, although you need to be aware of the possibility of airport closures and significant travel delays. Should you still come to Bali/Lombok? YES!

If you have a flexible schedule, now might well not be a bad time to visit Bali & Lombok.
In the vast majority of Bali, and especially in Lombok life continues as normal. Of course if you were planning on diving out from Tulamben or climbing Gunung Agung, those activities are totally off the cards, but there is plenty else to do.

If you’re planning to visit Bali & Lombok, don’t panic!
Plenty of people ARE in Bali & Lombok, are safe, and are having a great time. Plenty of alternative travel options are available if one of both airports are closed and we are here to help!

Will You Get Your Money Back?
Many airlines won’t refund flights unless they cancel them themselves – and most are still only allowing route changes for flights departing within a few days. Unless you booked travel AND bought insurance before the volcano was an issue, you’re likely not getting a refund.
Cancellation fees at The Lombok Lodge will are waived, however only in the event of ‘Force Majeure’ on your arrival date. As a property with just 9 exclusive Lodge Suites, we are forced to hold to our cancellation policy.
Prepayed reservations at The Lombok Lodge are non-refundable, however as a gesture of goodwill in the event of ‘Force Majeure’ on your arrival date and you will not be able to reach us, we would be happy to assist and postpone the reservation to a later date.

Once again, worrying too much wouldn’t get you anywhere — literally and figuratively.
If you would like any further information before you travel, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any time. Otherwise, I hope that you have a truly wonderful time in Bali and Lombok.

Safe Travels!

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